About Us

The Cake Factory was something that grew out of my passion for baking. I started baking when I was 15 and my love for it just kept growing over the years. After a lot of contemplation, and a load of encouragement from my family and friends; I finally decided to turn this part time hobby into a full time business. Ever since the inception of The Cake Factory, we’ve been showered with a lot of love from our customers and we’re glad to be satisfying cravings. From the beginning, my goal has been to make The Cake Factory’s products accessible and for everyone to enjoy their favorite desserts. This was tough as delivering or picking up products all across the state wasn’t possible. This especially hit me during the COVID-19 lockdowns when everyone was craving for some desserts and couldn’t get them. It broke my heart to see my favorite customers craving for their most liked desserts and me not being able to get it to them. Hence, the next step for expansion was to see that everyone can get a piece of The Cake Factory in their homes, at any time that they crave for desserts. That’s the motto we’re going forward with. Our goal is to see that you, our beloved customers have a cake factory in your own homes, at your convenience
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Our Chef

Janhavi Amonkar