What better than a regular cookie? A really large monster cookie or a pizookie! Elevate your
regular cookies and make this a party favourite. It can be made with just one or all three flavours.
The more the better – flavours in a cookie and friends to share it with.


The Cake Factory’s Edible Cookie Dough
Toppings of your choice

1. Let the cookie dough thaw if refrigerated.
2. Make a ball of the entire jar of cookie dough and flatten it out a bit.
3. You can also add different cookie dough flavours.
4. Add more pieces of chocolate on top and refrigerate for 20-30 mins to get the perfect shape.
5. Preheat the oven/ convection microwave at 180 degrees.
6. Bake the Pizookie for 10-12 mins and let it cool after
7. Drizzle with melted chocolate, add toppings of your choice (candy, chocolate
chips,chunks,etc) and enjoy!