Introducing, our range of edible cookie dough available in three mouth watering flavors.
Our edible cookie dough can be eaten as is, baked into cookies or turned into a variety of desserts as per your tastes and preferences. Check out our Recipes and DIY section for more ways to turn your edible cookie dough jars into something exciting.

Chunky Chocolate
Edible Cookie Dough

A take on the classic Chocolate chip cookie, this edible dough is sure to bring some nostalgia with every spoonful. It’s filled with milk chocolate chunks that melt with every bite.
Perfect for anybody who doesn’t love their cookies to be too sweet or chocolate-y, it’s sure to spruce up any desserts you make with it.

Double Chocolate
Edible Cookie Dough

What’s better than a chocolate cookie? A double chocolate cookie! A chocolate-y cookie filled with dark chocolate chunks to give you a bittersweet taste on every spoonful. This is perfect as a topping on cakes and brownies, to turn into truffles or to mix with some ice cream for a cosy night in. When warmed, this will literally melt in your mouth and you will not be able to stop at just a taste.

Red Velvet
Edible Cookie Dough

The ultimate classic flavours of red velvet cakes, put into a jar in the form of cookie dough. What better than that?
Filled with white chocolate chunks that go perfectly with the red velvet flavours, bake it into mouth watering hot cookies or make some red velvet truffles, just perfect to snack on.